Starting Over and Breathing Again

I’m not a blogger. I want to be a blogger. I consider myself a blog dabbler.

I’ve spent the last 3 days really soul searching and so far I feel like I’ve really revamped my idea on blogging, and what I want to get and give from my blog. So much so that I dropped my “In A Mini Skirt” blog, which I’ve sorely outgrown and started “Flour Sack Sweets”. This wasn’t an overnight decision, however the implementation was.

Flour Sack Sweets was sort of an epiphany. When I made the decision to resign my Business Manager position with Kiewit and start down the road of being a homemaker, I felt lost. Who was I? Where was I going? Was I making a huge mistake? Did I even exist any more? I’m guessing that many women who have left the workforce and made the decision to raise their children and be a homemaker might have had many of these same questions.

Flour Sack Sweets came from this time of indecision and questioning. The name Flour Sack Sweets really encompasses everything I feel like I want to blog about and learn in life. Food, sweets, vintage, rural, family decor, creativity and life in general. When I think of a flour sack towel, I really think of my grandmother and mother, and what life was like for them as homemakers. And to me, a homemaker is like a fresh baked cookie, all warm and smells like vanilla, sugar and love. It also tells me that I can do anything I want, just like they did. Whether it’s gardening and growing food for my family, or moving cattle, or making birthday cards, or building forts with my children, that idea of family and home is just wrapped up in a clean, fresh, durable flour sack towel.

That’s what I want Flour Sack Sweets to be for not only myself, but for you as well.

I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you as well.


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