Book Review – Germany; At Odds by Eldad Beck – #promotion

I recently had the chance to review Germany; At Odds by Eldad Beck.

Germany; At Odds by Eldad Beck

Germany; At Odds by Eldad Beck

I had a difficult time reading this book for a variety of reasons, but mainly it’s quite disturbing to read about the politics and blind eye in general that the author describes in regards to the neo-Nazis in Germany, and other countries. To think that this is going on in modern society is downright disgusting. However, not being part of German society it’s difficult to presume that the blind eye that’s being cast upon right wing extremists is as widespread as described in this book. However, the idea that this can be happening causes one to question how modern our world really is. Without being a part of the culture I’m having a hard time deciding if what I’ve read is fact, fiction or propaganda.
I had some difficulty keeping track of the authors writing and an even harder time understanding his style, which is why my rating of 4 stars. Otherwise, this is an excellent book full of thought-provoking passages, details and deep research. Definitely not a light or quick read.
I received this book at a discount in exchange for a review. #promotion

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