An Apology and a Quick Update

I feel awful! I’ve been away for so many months and haven’t posted a recipe or story or quick post but I do have a good reason.

Well, it’s a good reason in my mind.

We are expecting baby #2 in July. I was miserable the first trimester. Between morning sickness and exhaustion I could barely make dinner on a regular basis. This second trimester has been a lot better, but I’ve spent most of it recuperating from the first trimester. I’m almost into the third trimester and the home stretch and I’m hoping to get back on track with not only this blog, but my creating as well. Which leads me to my quick update.

Before my lengthy hiatus, I started the Fun Food Friday series and posted once.

One time.


I really thought that I was amped up for this series and excited about sharing some fun foods with everyone. And then life happened and I realized. I wasn’t amped up for this. I wasn’t excited for this series and frankly, it felt like an awful homework assignment in science class. And that’s not what I want for this blog nor is it what I want to share with you all.

So I’m scrapping that idea. Chalk it up to “great expectations” or failed planning.

But that leaves me with a few ideas and a few questions as to what I’m going to do going forward. When I started this blog I wanted to focus on life’s little sweets. Those small moments in life that create sweet memories in our lives. Be it food or DIY’s these are all aspects of life that create sweet memories and I felt like I was getting away from that. So I’m going to reset and start over with my thought process.

You’ll be seeing more recipes that are sweet as well as more DIY’s that create sweet memories.

So for today, I wanted to share a quick Etsy find with you all. When we were thinking about our pregnancy announcement, we wanted to do the “Big Brother, Little Brother” theme but I wasn’t overly excited about any of the ideas I was finding. I wanted it to be something cute and boyish and something that I could use after baby #2 was born. This is what I came up with.

Flour Sack Sweets - Baby Brother Announcement -  Etsy Shop - The Pine Torch

Flour Sack Sweets – Baby Brother Announcement – Etsy Shop – The Pine Torch #thepinetorch

These shirts were so perfect and almost exactly what we were looking for. I found these at The Pine Torch. I ordered the Big Brother shirt a bit larger and the onsie as a 6 month so that I could use them after the baby was born for another photo idea I have in mind. I also ended up ordering this set for myself and the new baby. I LOVE coffee, but it’s been one of the things that has made this pregnancy a bit difficult. I haven’t been able to drink coffee and not feel awful for the rest of the day, so I’ve basically had to give it up.


Anyway, Mariana at The Pine Torch doesn’t know I’m writing about her shop. But because she was such a rock star in regards to my first order, which had a bit of a snafu, and her exceptional customer service in making it right I wanted to give her a shout out. Plus, I just love her shop. #thepinetorch

I’ll be back soon with a new recipe and a new DIY.

Enjoy your day!